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curriculum vitae

born in Munich, married, three children

M. Phil Cambridge/ England (DAAD  scholarship)

Ph.D (Dr. rer. pol.), Economics Faculty of the University of Munich; thesis: Money and Asymmetric Information

Assistant Professor at the Economics Faculty of the University of Munich, Habilitation 1991 

(1992: Heisenberg Scholarship)

1993 - 1995
Professor at University of Bamberg

Nov 1995 - March 2001
Professor in Economic Theory, Goethe University Frankfurt

Since April 2001
Professor in Macroeconomics, University of Munich

 Visiting professor at the Department of Economics der University of Western Ontario, London, Canada

(1986/1987; 1998); at the university of Pittsburgh, assigned to the Center for Economic Research and Graduate

Education (CERGE), Prague (1992), at University Freiberg (1991/92), at the FernUniversität Hagen (1994/1995),

at LSE Financial Markets Group (2002)

Organizational Activities

1986 - 1990
Assistant Editor des European Journals of Political Economy

Director of Graduate Program Finance and Monetary Economics at Goethe University Frankfurt

since 2001
Managing editor, CESifo Economic Studies

Organization of conferences: 

September 1998
Implementation of Price Stability“ Frankfurt CFS/ Bundesbank

Oktober 1998 
„The Euro - Challenges and Opportunities for Financial Markets“ (coorganizer) Frankfurt CFS/ SUERF

June 1999 
„Systemic Risk and Lender of Last Resort Facilities“ Frankfurt CFS

June 2000
“Rethinking Risk Management”, (coorganizer) Frankfurt CFS  October 2000  “Transparency in Monetary Policy” (coorganizer) Frankfurt CFS/ Bundesbank

November 2001
Spectrum auctions and competition in telecommunication (CESifo, Munich)

July 2002
Banking Regulation and Financial Stability (CESifo, Venice)

November 2002
Globalisation, Inequality and Well-Being (CESifo, Munich)

July 2004
Understanding the Digital Economy (CESifo, Munich)

July 2004
The Revival of Aggregate Demand Management: Back to Keynes? (CESifo, Venice)

June 2005-10-31
Understanding the Chinese Economy (CESifo, Munich)